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Every Step A Story

Every step
is a story

It is our privilege to take you to the most beautiful and spectacular areas in the Queenstown and Fiordland region. To experience everything from glacial valleys and majestic mountains, to beautiful lakes and pristine rain forest. Taking the time to meet our friendly native birds along the way.

Welcome to Guided Walks Queenstown, New Zealand

Travis Donoghue

Come for an invigorating guided walk with us into the beautiful New Zealand back country, and discover what really makes New Zealand different...

We’ve chosen our range of walks for their natural history, scenic beauty, remote locations and varied terrain. Our friendly and knowledgeable local guides, ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the whole experience nature has provided.

Why choose Guided Walks NZ? The answer’s simple – it’s our privilege to make Guided Walks NZ the most memorable part of your New Zealand experience. Letting you touch, see and feel the ‘real’ New Zealand.

Travis Donoghue, Business Manager

˜ Guided Walks since 1868 ˜

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