Dress warmly for cool, clear and calm conditions.

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Walking in Winter

During the winter months our wilderness turns into a crystallized paradise.

Nearly all of our walks are available through the winter months. While it can be cold, it's also often clear and calm and the beauty of the snow capped mountains certainly adds to the experience.

Frosted beech tree

Famous Routeburn Track

The Routeburn transforms into a beautiful frost and snow covered wonderland in winter.

Lakeshore forest and bird

The best of native flora and bird-life, with magnificent lake and mountain views in an area with its own micro-climate; plants are protected from the elements so species are much larger than elsewhere. “It’s as if we are walking through the sentinels of the forest”. Native birds are readily seen and heard in and around the edges of the firest. Your guide will introduce you to an array of edible and medicinal plants used by Maori and European settlers on this easy half day walk.


Snowshoeing in Queenstown offers a peaceful, harmonious exploration of the wilderness. Join us for an invigorating guided snowshoe walk into the beautiful New Zealand back country and discover what really makes New Zealand different.