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First Snowshoe season "very sucessful"

As the snow starts to finally disappear from the mountains around Queenstown, NZ Snowshoeing Queenstown is reflecting on a hugely successful season.

The business had its first winter under the umbrella of Ngāi Tahu Tourism since the operation was taken over from founders from Peter and Karyn Hitchman in April.

Guided Walks New Zealand business manager Travis Donoghue said record and consistent snowfalls, coupled with great weather and visitors from around the world, had added up to a “very successful” first season.

The season has run for four-and-a half-months from its scheduled June 1 start date.  Recent warm weather and rain have curtailed the snowshoeing season which was expected to go close to the end of October.

“It was great to see a huge level of interest in snowshoeing from the very start of the season,” said Travis.

 “Getting great staff is always an issue in Queenstown and we’re very happy with the team we formed for this winter.

“Now going into summer it’s great to see some of our guiding team carrying on into Guided Walks New Zealand and our range of summer half and full day hikes.

“A few of them may yet cross into the multi-day Hollyford Track business which is also part of our operation, so they’re continuing to hone their guiding skills for when they come back to snowshoeing next winter.

“We’re looking forward to next season already.” 

NZ Snowshoeing believes ‘If you can walk, you can snowshoe’. The adventure is led by a knowledgeable guide who provides clients with specialist equipment, including small, lightweight and slimline snowshoes made from high-tech materials, which enable guests to ‘float’ across the snow. 


Anybody with a moderate level of fitness can enjoy a trip and enjoy the snowshoe operation’s unique sense of intrepid exploration. NZ Snowshoeing offers half and full day trips and a heli-snowshoeing trip is also available. Trips start from $147 per person.